Why does a cake cost so much ?

I'm glad you asked!


Cakes are one of those items that are perceived to be worth a small amount of money.. I believe this is due to cheap commercial premixes (full of preservatives) readily available in supermarkets for less money than the cost of individual ingredients themselves.

When I first started selling cakes I was shocked to hear what people were charging this was until I worked out what my real costs were and realised I was loosing money with each cake I sold! 

At Indulge Designer Cakes All of our cakes are baked from scratch using premium ingredients.. many of which are not available through the supermarket including premium couverture chocolate, Belgian cocoa, and specially milled flour for cakes. (we refuse to use cake premixes)

Each cake is mixed individually and baked in a double or triple lined pan (hand lined) in a very slow oven.. (an average sized cake takes around 3 hours to cook). The cooled cake is wrapped numerous times in plastic wrap and chilled Before being layered with a smooth velvety hand made chocolate ganache, (once again no pre mix ganache here) We make sure the sides and top of the cake are smooth and level before covering it in a thinly rolled layer of fondant icing (hand coloured specifically for you). The finished height of our cakes is 3.5 - 4" (higher than most)

Your cake is then put on a thick display board and decorated to your requirements before being packaged ready for collection or delivery.

This style and standard of cake takes about 3 times longer than the traditional way.

Indulge Designer Cakes prides themselves on quality.


I am sure you can imagine the amount of cleaning required in a cake kitchen and the amount of hand wash, dishwasher powder and paper towel we go through to keep a clean hygienic work area!


At Indulge Designer CAkes we have have at least 2 of each size cake pans from 4 right through to 14 in both round and square and a range of other shapes, we keep boards from 2 right up to 20 and larger.. in round and square.. just in case they are needed for your cake. Oh and boxes too  


Did you know that in 2011 Shirley Blyth completed more than 60 days of training with world renowned cake decorators and pastry chefs such as Planet Cake, Maisie Parish, Margie Carter, Savour



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